The journey has just begun! Connect, Evolve, Engage.

Over the past 12 months GQ has been resiliently pushing forward with the new strategic direction. We’ve achieved so much in the past season: trying new schedules, new programs, expanding our foot print, and coming together for our Hall of Fame Round.

Our Vision: To put an American football in every Queenslanders hand.

Our Mission: Create and maintain a safe and inclusive pathway for Queenslanders who want to participate, and to go as far as they choose.

As we look forward to 2024 season, it's important to acknowledge the success we have had:

  • Ensured financial stability through new funding support from the Queensland Government, which allows us to invest in areas to grow our game.
  • Established new partnerships with key suppliers and high performance pathways.
  • Expanded our offering and membership through affiliating Flag communities into our organisation.
  • Won National Championships across Men’s, Women’s, u20 and Flag Men’s and Women’s
  • Surveyed our membership twice, gaining important insights into our growing community and their needs.
  • Provided a formal pathway for Regional Queensland players to play for the RQ Irukandji.
  • Re-established the women’s competition in SEQ and secured new funding to grow this comp.
  • Honoured 5 new Hall of Fame inductees and brought our SEQ community together.
  • Relaunched our website and began the journey of improving our communication.
  • Started the conversation with Brisbane State High School about partnering to develop and use their Fursden Road Sporting Facility.
  • Supported our Officials by bringing Tim Kiefer from the USA out to run a development clinic.

Read the full report here.