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With the first pick in Summer sport Queensland chooses American Football.

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2024 National Championship have been announced

Queensland will be entering Womens, Mens and U20s Queensland Sundevils and RQ Irukandji Men's team take on the other states in the 2024 National Championships..

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We have clubs all over Queensland from Cairns to Gold Coast. Starting from 10 year and up for contact.  Reach out to your local club today to give it a go. You'll love it.

Frequently asked questions

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Do I need my own helmet and shoulder pads?

No, most clubs are able to provide you with club gear on loan. But nothing feels better then pulling on your own helmet. Our equipment partner Impact Sports Australia is a great start.

What age can I start playing?

Depending on your local club our contact competitions start from under 10s. Flag football is also available in several locations and in local schools.

How do I sign up & how much does it cost?

Sign up here. Each club has there own fees for participation and the Gridiron Queensland and Gridiron Australia capitation fees can be found here.

What pathways do you offer players?

American Football is played all around the world. Our pathways start from a young age and we offer states and national representative teams. Opportunities to earn international professional contracts in Europe, or get offered NCAA College Scholarships and even a contract in the NFL.